Our Employee Value Proposition

Moolmans Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is premised on its set of Company values. Our values defines how we do business as well as our organisational culture. Our culture of consistent business performance over decades was on the back of our company value system. We continue to leverage on this value system to mobilise a business turnaround following the business challenges experienced over the recent past.

In addition to a strong value system, Moolmans prides itself with a solid Employee Value Proposition which consistently includes the following:

  • Longevity in tenure of service, on the back of a meaningful and rewarding work
    experience. Our employees generally choose to stay and associate with
    the Moolmans brand.
  • Consistent investment is a suit of Human Resources Development programmes, including study finance assistance; leadership and management development programmes at various level; technical and core production skills training and development.
  • Career progression focus, where most of the key placements are sourced from internal succession.
  • Market competitive remuneration, including performance reward schemes.
    Attractive brand equity both within and outside SA Borders.
  • Career exposure to diverse mining commodities with multiple Clients in broader geographic locations.

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