Moolmans specialises in open cut mining, shaft sinking and underground mining.
Moolmans’ experience and capabilities span a broad range of commodities and we have worked successfully in remote and difficult locations. Moolmans offers specialised services to the industry, from open cut mining to shaft sinking and access development, and underground mining.

Open Cut Mining

As one of the largest open cut mining contractors in Africa, Moolmans mines up to 20 million tonnes of material each month. Our experience operating in remote and challenging locations, together with extensive human and equipment resources, ensures delivery of a world-class mining service.

Moolmans offers a complete open cut mining capability, with over 40 years’ experience in both hard and soft rock environments, from short-term waste mining and bulk earthmoving to a complete and long-term mining solution. In addition to drill, blast, load, haul and dump functions, Moolmans is well placed to provide mine planning, surveying, production scheduling and grade control services. Wherever the location, we can mobilise quickly and arrive on site with the appropriate resources to establish and develop operations to the client’s requirements.

We have worked and are currently working on a number of projects throughout Africa and have mined a range of commodities for a variety of reputable clients. Our company is a major force in surface mining in Africa.

We offer innovative and client-tailored solutions

that strive to deliver exceptional value to our clients, as well as ensuring that
all operations are conducted to the highest quality and safety standards.

Shaft Sinking

Moolmans is a world leader in shaft sinking and access development, with expertise to sink and equip both vertical and decline shafts of various diameters to depths of more than 2 000 metres and through all types of rock formations.

The company has the technical expertise and resources to deliver multi-disciplinary projects that include design work, civil works and mechanised mining.

With project management and design capabilities, the business is geared
to provide a design function that includes:

  • Conceptual pre-feasibility and feasibility studies relating to shaft design,
    shaft sinking and infrastructural services
  • Mine design for sinking of decline and vertical shafts, mine development,
    stoping, surface and underground infrastructure
  • Shaft and shaft furnishing including conveyor belt systems
  • Design and draughting for mechanical, structural, piping, electrical and civil works Innovative and cost-effective techniques are used in the execution of pre-sinking as well as mechanised sinking to complete a fully-lined and equipped shaft.
    Our capabilities include the manufacturing and installation of headgears, surface infrastructure, and sinking stages.

Moolmans has been involved in the
full lifecycle of mining operations

from initial development to rehabilitation, and has played
an integral part in the success of numerous mines in southern Africa.

Underground Mining

Throughout the years, Moolmans has built extensive experience in coal, platinum, gold, copper and manganese mining, encompassing various mining methods, such as bord and pillar and long hole stopping, as well as the expertise to undertake any metalliferous mining venture, from conception to execution and completion. The company is a recognised leader in the field of mechanised mining.

Our small works team are responsible for Drop raising, Ore Pass rehabilitation, Level construction/rehabilitation, box front installation, refurbish of damaged box fronts and re-support of old workings are well recognised in the mining industry.